About us (MoPa)

Our company (Mohány és Páfra) was created by young landscape designers in the spring of 2007. Our aim is to create green surfaces, representing a new form of gardening, using new materials and new technologies.

We built our first green wall in 2009, which was amongst the very first vertical gardens in Hungary. Ever since, we do vertical garden design, installation, and maintenance. Our green walls are created with our own unique technology.

We are constantly experimenting with new solutions and new plant types, so we can create the most beautiful and the best fitting system for the given conditions.

Dancsuly Kriszta

Landscape architect

Kiss Márton

Landscape architect

Our green walls

Manier Fashion saloon, Budapest V. district. Hajós street 12., 2009.

Moha Café, Budapest XI. district Bartók Béla way 11-13, 2010.

aquaMart bathroom saloon, Budapest XIII. district Madarász Viktor street 47-49., 2011

OTP Bank, Budapest V. district Andrássy way 6., 2012

Gödör Klub, outdoor green wall, Budapest V. ker. Király street 8-10., 2012

Gödör Klub, indoor green wall, Budapest V. ker. Király street 8-10., 2012

Nika Restaurant, Budapest V. ker. Kossuth Lajos street 7-9., 2013

Attrinova Office Center, Budapest V. ker. Bajcsy-Zsilinszky way 42-46., 2013

Vapiano Restaurant, Westend, Budapest VI. ker. Váci way 1-3., 2013

NI Hungary Office Center Debrecen, Határ str. 1/a.

Groupama Arena - FTC Stadium Budapest, Üllői str. 129.

Private appartment, Debrecen, Huszti garden

Google Office - Budapest Budapest, Árpád fejedelem way 26

PTE Palm house, Botanic garden - Pécs 7624 Pécs, Ifjúság way 6

Krisztina Palace Office center - Budapest Budapest, Nagyenyed str. 8

K&H Headquarters - Budapest, 1095 Lechner Ödön allee 9.

Kálvin Center - Budapest, 1085 Kálvin square 12.

Le Jardin Buda - Budapest, Keleti Károly street 12.